Caitlin Hart


ADDRESS: 1601 E Cesar Chavez, #105

OFFICE: 512-770-6526


Caitlin Hart is a personable, service-oriented agent with high emotional intelligence and a long history with real estate that goes all the back to her college internship at a Remax office in Houston. 

After receiving her Bachelors degree from Texas State in 2015, Caitlin started in the workforce using different aspects of her business schooling, such as management and supply chain management, but luckily for Austin home owners, she returned to her passion, which is helping families to find the right home for them. Caitlin's attention to detail and her customer-centric orientation stem from her passion for people and her desire to see everyone in a place they can call home. 

Her administrative skills and business training give her an edge up on the competition, because she doesn't let things fall through the cracks. Caitlin's kindness and willingness to learn make her a great team player, meaning that she collaborates skillfully and often with other agents, but even though she's friendly and likable, she still knows how to fight for her clients. Since Caitlin loves to learn, she isn't afraid to collaborate with others and get second opinions from her mentors and colleagues, so she always makes the best decisions possible for her clients when things get tough. 

Caitlin is an avid runner, ever since she was a teen, and still runs often. She's currently training for a half-marathon. She is also passionate about animal rights and intends to own a golden retriever, hopefully by the end of the year. 

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