Chris Townsend


ADDRESS: 1601 E. Cesar Chavez. Ste 105 Austin, TX 78705

OFFICE: 281.407.4823


Chris is a Houston Real Estate Specialist. A Houston native, Chris has always been passionate about real estate. Even as a young kid, he was fascinated by any growth in the neighborhood and would memorize each new building. 

Eventually, he turned to construction and became a commercial superintendent for Cannon Enterprises. Four years later, having earned success through persistence, consistency and hard work, he decided to make the switch to real estate.

“I hope to achieve long term success by staying humble. The most important part of real estate for me is helping people make the best decisions they can, so that they’re smiling when we walk away,” Chris says. 

Chris is an outdoorsman and loves exploring new parts of Texas when he isn’t hunting, hiking or fishing.


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