Marcello Kline



MOBILE: (512) 639-7751


Marcello Kline relocated from Los Angeles, California in 2018 to specialize in Austin's thriving real estate market. Throughout his time in the Live Music Capital of the World, he has grown to love this thriving city's unique charm. He has multiple years of experience in real estate around lead generation and banking that have translated to his success as a Realtor. In his free time, he enjoys traveling back home to Los Angeles where he can dip his toes in the Malibu waters or exploring new territory. Although Marcello works full time in real estate for his clients he also manages to focus on furthering his education at Grand Canyon University where he majors in Business Analytics. Above all else, Marcello values his time with his husband and takes advantage of any opportunity to try new food, hike, go for a run, kayak on the river, or watch motorsports. If you enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a fresh-pressed juice then Marcello is your go-to Realtor throughout your home journey.