Zach Fales


OFFICE: 5127706526

MOBILE: 512.550.6112


Zach is a trusted professional in his community, and is known for his helpfulness and the devotion he has to his clients. He has unparalleled expertise of the local Austin area, and is known for his professionalism and extensive knowledge on the area. As a committed realtor, Zach wants to serve every client and serve his community, by helping people make positive and life changing decisions.


My experience with realtor Zach Fales was overall excellent. He was honest, patient, and knowledgeable. He was helpful in answering all my questions thoughout the process. He helped me to find a place that I loved and that would realistically fit my budget. I had asked him for recommendations on a  mortgage lender and home inspector. They both as well had more than exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this realtor to anyone!