NOTE: Before you try to switch agents, make sure to follow any legal guidelines specified in your listing agreement, and make sure you don't sign a listing agreement that has that kind of protection. Read more about listing agreements here. 

Let’s say you’re starting to have second thoughts about your agent.

When you met him, he seemed great—solid personality, good vibes. But then, after that first, charming interaction, things haven’t been so good.

He keeps taking you to houses that seem like he didn’t put any thought into the match. He only seems to show you houses that are insanely over budget, or in a terrible location.

You’ve seen HGTV reality shows. You know that part of a real estate agent’s job is correcting unrealistic expectations, so you’re trying to be openminded, but still, something just isn’t right.

There’s probably a reason for the way you feel. Here are five signs you’re with the wrong agent.

1. They Won’t Communicate With You Openly.

We get it. People are busy.

But seriously, if you’re in the middle of moving homes, the last thing you want is someone who screens your calls and doesn’t get back to you in a timely manner.

What’s more important to you than your own home? A good agent will understand the stakes and try to be responsive to you. If it’s been days and you can’t get them to answer a call, it might be time for someone new.

2. They Don’t Follow Through On Their Commitments To You.

There’s a two-way street here.

Even professionals make mistakes, and we can all be forgetful, but there’s honest mistakes, and then there’s actual negligence. Neglect is really not acceptable.

If someone messes up the shuffle of documents, they’re not doing their essential job of providing ease and simplicity to your life.

3. They Don’t Take Your Feedback Seriously.

If there’s something you don’t like about a certain property, and every place you see afterward still has the same problem, it’s probably time to switch things up.

Sometimes, there’s just a mismatch, and they can’t get a vision for what you like. But occasionally, you’ll meet someone who’s spectacular and really gets it. So just keep going and don’t get discouraged.

4. They Seem Like They’re Only Pretending To Like You.

There’s nothing wrong with professionals who don’t get the warm and fuzzies every time they see you. That’s alright.

But if they aren’t really socialites, and they try to act like they’re more interested in you and your life than they are, that can be a little strange as well.

The best rule of thumb here is this: Do you think they really care about your wellbeing? If so, you’re probably in good hands. If not, it may be time to make a few calls until you find a relationship you feel more comfortable about.

5. They Pressure You Into Deals You Don’t Have A Good Feeling About.

No one should be strong-armed into a contract. Especially not the huge investment that real estate is.

It’s easy for clever businesspeople to get further by manipulating situations and convincing people of something they don’t really agree with. That’s why it’s important to find someone you trust, someone whose taste you enjoy, and someone who is going to let you be the expert on your own life.

By the way, it isn’t necessarily the case that if you need to switch agents, that your previous agent was an evil person or something. Sometimes, it’s just the match that’s wrong.

Regardless, you deserve to work with professionals who help to make your experience as comfortable and simple as possible. If you don’t feel that way with your current representation, you shouldn’t hesitate to go to someone else. And if you’re in Austin or Houston, maybe give us a shot.