This summer, we're celebrating Austin local businesses and talking about places we love. 

Whenever our clients move to the city, we try and give them a jumping-off point of local places they might enjoy—which brings us to Figure 8.

Figure 8 is on Chicon in East Austin. Right off the bat, it's worth saying—the parking situation is actually not so bad! You can usually park on the street for free (big plus), but you may want to be aware that it's hard to see oncoming traffic, so crossing the street can feel like Frogger. Instead, we recommend turning into the neighborhood to find street parking there—especially if you have kids with you. 

After your first few visits, you'll realize that there are a lot of repeat customers. Another nice advantage of a coffee shop in East Austin is that it's far enough away from UT that you won't end up competing with a thousand students for table space, making it an excellent place to do some remote work for the office, or maybe something creative.

In other words, it's not your regular old coffee joint. It's an upscale, affordable option for professionals and entrepreneurs, with the occasional student. 

How's the Coffee?

Expertly curated, made by absolute professionals who are kind and always ready to offer a suggestion when you're not sure what you want. 

This time, we got a Kenyan espresso in cappuccino form, and it was phenomenal. It was dark and earthy, and sweet without being sugary.  Maybe the right word would be 'floral.' At any rate, it was a serious, complex experience, and for what it is, it's not overly priced either, although it might be on the high side if you're not used to coffee shop prices. 

Here's a Little Bonus Tip

If you're really observant, you'll notice that behind the back door, there's a path that leads back to a fenced off, private area that is usually open, as long as you're willing to face the Texas heat!

But seriously, on a cool evening, it's worth checking out that little area—and don't forget, you can watch the sunset over the city skyline from the front patio, so if you're new to the city and you find yourself on a first date or something, keep Figure 8 in mind. It's private, upscale, and most importantly, it's friendly as all get out. 

Happy caffeinating, Austin. 

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