Cody Cooper is an inspirational entrepreneur making his way in the real estate industry in Austin and Houston.

Cody, a native Texan, grew up in a conservative Christian household, alongside his twin brother Cameron. After high school, Cody attended college at Texas State University in San Marcos and was part of the ATO Fraternity. In 2014, he graduated with a degree in Business Management. During his time in university, Cody obtained a real estate license but was unsure of what career to pursue. He had an entrepreneurial spirit and the energy and drive to create something new but was unsure of his path ahead.

Following in his parent’s footsteps, Cody was urged to get a career in the corporate world, so in 2015, he took a salaried job with DR Horton Homebuilders as a Superintendent. For eight months, he was running a division of higher-end products for the builder. He enjoyed the work because it got him involved in real estate and it helped him learn the ins and outs of the homebuilding process, but ultimately, he felt he was better suited for the sales side of the industry.

Knowing the job was not a good fit, Cody left DR Horton and became an independent agent for

Keller Williams Realty. Not feeling prepared enough to go out on his own, he thought it would

be best to learn from the best and get some exclusive insight into the business. He applied to

work for a top producing team with Keller Williams, figuring he could not be in better hands. It

was an extensive process, and he went through seven interviews but was not hired.

Disappointed, Cody decided he needed to take some time off. He took a couple of months to

clear his head and went on several interviews in various industries.

Surprisingly, months later, the Keller Williams group called him back, and offered him a job.

Cody was hired as an ISA (Inside Sales Agent) and was responsible for generating leads for the

agents in the group. Cody learned the skill of cold calling and became an expert. He was

producing over 100 leads a month. He was also learning on the job training on how to build a

client base and how to speak to potential clients.

Six months into the role, in 2016, Cody Cooper was promoted and became an agent. He knew

that he wanted to learn everything there was to learn about the business and that he needed to get

sales under his belt before branching out on his own. He did over fifty transactions, learned the

systems and could replicate the model. He continued working for the top producing team at

Keller Williams while setting up the basics for his real estate brokerage, Sprout Realty.

By the end of 2016, Cody quit Keller Williams and the next day Sprout Realty was up and

running. The group began cold calling and using the techniques Cody had learn to build up a

client base. Cody remembers his very first lead for Sprout Realty and the excitement he had with

creating his own brokerage. The first year the business did just under 100 transactions.

By 2018, Sprout Realty was producing even more revenue, doing over 30 million in transactions,

but Cody knew he needed to be creative to be competitive in the Austin market. He sought to

focus on two goals. One was to invest in and train realtors to become top producers and hold

them to high standards. The second was to give the client a smooth and seamless process when

buying or selling a home in an intimate and exclusive brokerage setting.

For 2019, Cody Cooper hopes to continue building Sprout Realty in both Austin and Houston,

while maintaining high-quality, exclusive brand.

Aside from owning and operating Sprout Realty, Cody has also started a landscaping company in

Houston called Luxscape. The business focuses on everything from production-based

landscaping to fencing, to draining, to day-of events. He now has ten people working for

Luxscape and hopes to expand in the Austin area.

In his free time, Cody loves to go boating on Lake Austin. He also enjoys golfing, outdoor sports,

including extreme sports, and travel.

Cody Cooper has the drive, creativity, and ambition to continue building Sprout Realty into a

household name here in Austin. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Cody is sure to be a great success

in years to come and will lead the way for other young entrepreneurs.