Luxury is a state of mind.

You don’t need a house in the Pacific Palisades to live luxuriously. You don’t have to drive a Maserati. Living luxuriously isn’t about blowing money. It’s about insisting on excellence in the little parts of life.

And if you’re moving, it’s important to think through what you want your daily routine to look like. So, with that in mind, here are 4 major lifestyle upgrades to build into your moving budget to make your new home a step above your old one.

I. High fidelity speakers.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a full-blown audiophile, or maybe you just like to have some music on in the background—regardless, having high quality, high fidelity speakers will change your life.

There are lots of options, but we highly recommend taking a look at Harman Kardon’s wireless lineup, all under $500.

If you’ve never owned hi-fi speakers, get one of these bad boys, and then re-listen to your favorites. You’ll be amazed. Honestly, it’s like you’re listening to music for the first time again—that’s how much nuance you miss with normal speakers and headphones.

The way high fidelity speakers work is by ensuring that there are enough components in the speakers to accurately play each range of frequency. So instead of having to blast your subwoofers to get that bass you’ve been craving, now you can just enjoy it in the mix at whatever volume, as well as your high and mid-range frequencies.

If you take anything away from this short post, take this: Everyone deserves to have the highest quality music available to them, and it’s relatively cheap to make that happen for your family.

Also, a lot of speakers will pair with your TV for better sound. Heads up—it may be something you want to check the specs on your TV for. Basically, if your TV has Bluetooth, you should be good to go on that.

II. A wine cabinet for storage.

Time to get your sommelier game on.

Let’s say you’re the kind of person who enjoys nuance and quality, but you’re afraid to invest in wine because you don’t want the clutter.

It’s time to try Koldfront’s 28-bottle wine fridge. While you’re at it, here’s a list of wine subscriptions you might want to check out.

By the way, if you’ve always wanted to start learning more about wine, we recommend starting with wines from the Rhône valley in France, or something from Austria or Italy. Also, everyone knows about California wines, but did you know that Texas has high quality wine? That’s also worth exploring.

Some of the staff favorites for wine include Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon. Also, on a related side note—if you’re looking for a life of luxury, maybe try cigars and scotch.

III. Professional-grade kitchen knives.

Moving is one of the greatest opportunities to break old habits and make new, better ones.

One of the best ways to do that is to commit to cooking more and going out less. But you’re going to want the right knives. Sharp, durable knives may seem like a luxury item, but if you’re serious about your time in the kitchen, they’re damn near a necessity. We recommend this set from Dalstrong.

So here’s the thing—everyone says, “I’m actually not that great of a chef.” So they prefer dull knives because they’re scared of getting cut. But it’s really important to have the sharpest, highest quality knives you can afford, especially if you’re not exactly Top Chef material. Why is that? Because cutting meats and vegetables can sometimes shoot the knife sideways toward your fingers if the knife gets a dull spot caught on the flesh of whatever you’re cutting. You want it to cut right through so you have perfect control. That means getting the sharpest knife possible.

Also, if you’ve never looked up an actual chef’s chopping technique, we recommend Gordon Ramsey’s technique. Try adding explosive anger and wrathful rants in your kitchen, to complete the look. Just kidding, please don’t.

IV. Espresso and drip coffee maker.

Honestly, everyone deserves to have quality coffee in their home.

And it’s not even about having a shiny, fancy new toy—although this is a shiny, fancy new toy—it’s about saving yourself the time and energy it takes to swing by the coffee shop every morning.

If you’re in Austin, check out one of the many coffee curators, like Houndstooth, for instance. Pick up a responsibly sourced, top-grade blend of espresso and drip coffee, and then invest in the DeLonghi coffee maker.

Besides, haven’t you always wanted to try making one of those little latte designs you see at your favorite coffee shop?

Do you already own some of these? See something missing that you would have mentioned? Let us know on social media!